Investment in Egypt

2 Jun 2018

Procurement of Public Contracts projects in Light of Egyptian Laws

Awarding Public contracts in Egypt is not specified by a certain law, nevertheless, the Egyptian Constitution has set a general principal that it is prohibited to dispose any of the State’s public property. However, disposing of the State’s private property, and public utility concessions are allowed in accordance with the laws promulgated in this regard. The main laws regulating the award of public contracts are: Read more...

2 Jun 2018

Anti-Cyber and Information Technology Crimes law in Egypt

Egypt used to govern technology crimes and cybercrimes by some provisions in Civil and Criminal laws. Finally, a new Law No. 175 of the year 2018 regarding anti-cyber and information technology crimes was published on Saturday 18/8/2018 by the official Egyptian Gazette following its ratification. Read more...

1 Jun 2018

Land Allocation according to the New Investment Law in Egypt

The new investment law in Egypt laid down the basic conditions for the allocation of lands to investors with obliging the concerned authorities (concerned ministries) to provide lands for investment and to notify the General Authority for Investment to include these lands in the investment map. Read more...

23 May 2018


The Confidentiality might be stated in an independent Agreement called "Confidentiality Agreement" and it could be stated in certain Clauses in different agreements or contracts such as an employment contract. The Confidentiality Agreements or Clauses are essential in any contractual relationship, as it plays an important role in assuring the maintenance of the secrecy and confidentiality regarding all the information disclosed among all the involved Parties of the Agreement. It is a win-win...

21 May 2018

Egypt: Liabilities of Shareholders and Directors

The companies, its shareholders, directors and partners are regulated in Egypt by the Companies Law No.159 of the year 1981, it’s executive regulations and amended provisions of Law No.4 of the year 2018. Read more...

18 May 2018

Egypt: Environmental Impact Assessment System (EIA)

The Environmental Impact Assessment process is the process of assessing and evaluating the possible and potential environmental effects for a definite project, where such studies take place before the phase of the projects’ implementation in order to decide the best options to minimize the environmental impacts and hazards and to handle the negative aspects that are expected to happen before proceeding with the implementation step. Read more...

12 May 2018


Counterfeit is defined by the Cambridge Dictionary as products made to look like the original of something, usually for dishonest or illegal purposes or something copied exactly in order to make someone believe that the copy is the original. Read more...

9 May 2018

Egypt’s New Labour Law

Egypt’s government has completed the amendment of the new Labor Law  including the Laws of Labor and Trade Union Organizations, in a way consistent with the current economic conditions of the country and its social reflections on all workers sectors as the Egyptian workers are considered the cause behind the real development, which will build the homeland and work on its prosperity; such workers bear the economic decisions issued in 2016, where the government ensured that such Laws will have...

8 May 2018

Egypt:Importing of materials & equipment for projects

Egypt’s strategy 2030 is a Sustainable Development Strategy which requires development in all aspects to maximize competitive advantage in order to achieve well-being, production, prosperity, success, and interest. Read more...

6 May 2018

Compensation according to Egyptian Laws

High volume of daily commercial transactions in the economic environment globally and locally requires protection by the law to the interest of damaged parties due to breaching of agreements concluded between them. Therefore, the Egyptian Law defined that civil liability as the obligation to compensate for the damage caused by a breach of the original obligation, the original obligations arising from the contract, and others from the law.   Read more...

1 May 2018

Incorporation of Branch Office in Egypt

Pursuant to the Egyptian Company Law No.159 of the year 1981 and its Executive Regulations as amended by Law No.4 of the year 2018, and chapter No. 6 of this law set forth the basic rules and legal framework for the incorporation of branches of foreign companies in the Arab Republic of Egypt, as well as the documents and procedures to be followed for the purpose of incorporation of branches Read more...

28 Apr 2018

SME Financing in Egypt

Although the lending activity in Egypt has been growing, Egyptian banks continue to enjoy ‘large financial flexibility as the credit facilities to deposits ratio remains low at a mere 42%’[1]. This figure is partially due to the fact that a minor portion of retail and corporate bases ‘actually have a creditor/debtor bank account’[2]. Read more...

14 Apr 2018

Food and beverage safety in Egypt

Tourism in Egypt is flourishing, as it became a destination for many tourists due to its many attractions especially the peculiarity of its food. However, in some cases tourists suffer from diseases, infections or food poisoning due to the failure of hotels and touristic sites to observe the food and beverage hygiene, which lead tourists to the court in order to claim for compensation. Read more...

7 Apr 2018

New Decree Regulating Representative Offices in Egypt

According to Egypt’s Company Law, the purpose of the foreign representative office is to study the markets and the possibilities of production, without any commercial activities including the activity of the commercial agents, and it shall be closed after completion of the study process. The beneficiaries in this case are the foreign companies. Read more...

25 Mar 2018

Media Law in Egypt: The New Developments

Recently, the Egyptian media has faced challenges directed to its freedom and independence as a result of the vague legislations and the regulatory framework that lacks the definition and determination of the public and private media, where such regulatory framework is considered as a pressure on the Egyptian media.  Read more...

18 Mar 2018

Changing the Company’s Legal Form in Egypt

Changing the company’s legal form is mainly regulated by the Companies Act No. 159 of the year 1981 and its Executive Regulations; in particular Article No. 136 of the Companies Act and Article No. 299 of its Executive Regulations. Read more...

6 Feb 2018

Securities Litigation in Egypt

In Egyptian stock market, many transactions are held on securities and financial instruments that include stocks, bonds, sukuk and securitization bonds. Besides, investment certificates that take the form of companies.[1]The competent authorities are the Financial Regulatory Authority and the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE). Read more...

25 Jan 2018

Deal Breakers in Franchising

Franchise is a practice of the right to run a Company's business system and brand for a certain period of time. Therefore, when concluding franchise agreements, parties should be aware of “deal breakers” provisions such as liquidated damages clauses, insufficient start-up support, and mandatory arbitration clauses. Franchisors provide many advantages for ambitious Franchisees to start a business. However, the benefits are not for everyone.   Read more...

22 Jan 2018

The Sole Proprietorship Company in Egypt

On January 16th,2018, a new amendment has been issued under Law no. 4 of the year 2018. Law no. 4 of the year 2018 is considered as an amendment of some articles of the Egyptian Law no. 159 of the year 1981 (the "Companies Law")[1]. Read more...

11 Jan 2018

Establishing the Russian Industrial Zone (RIZ) in the Suez Canal

Presidential Decree No. (420) of the year 2018  

6 Jan 2018

GAFI: The latest decisions issued to develop procedures for investors in Egypt

In light of the remarkable development in the climate of investment in the Arab Republic of Egypt, which is working to attract investments, through establishing of companies and branches of companies and representative offices of major foreign companies, which led to the Minister of Investment and International Cooperation HE Sahar Nasr to issue numerous decisions and circulars to facilitate procedures for investment and assistance in the completion of services related to investors in the least...