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Youssry Saleh Law Firm has extensive experience in marine transportation and related maritime law in Egypt. A dedicated Team of experienced attorneys is specialized in drafting and negotiating shipbuilding contracts, vessel finance, project development

Negotiation and drafting of charters, acquisition of marine services for the berthing of tankers and terminals. Law firm’s attorneys hold vast experience in dealing with national and international maritime statutes and conventions; they hold extensive knowledge related to shipping regulations of Egypt and other countries in the region. In several precedencies, the Team has assisted clients with ship mortgages, bills of lading, vessel arrests and vessel limitation of liability lawsuits.


The Firm deals with matters related to:

Vessel purchases and sales

Conclusion of a vessel sale/purchase agreement is a full of details process, where a long list of details must be reviewed. Certain protections must be present in the sale contract such as the right to have the vessel surveyed by a surveyor of your choice and making the contract contingent upon securing financing. Moreover, it must be ensured that the agreement is structure in a way that allows a financeable transaction with a marine lender. Another facet of the marine transactions lies in the regulatory documentation and tax implications of any vessel purchase or sale.

Marine pollution

Shipping causalities and pollution incidents can be very catastrophic and have drastic impact on all parties involved. Youssry Saleh & Partners has an experienced team of attorneys who manage all stages of the process including management of initial notifications and liaison with governmental authorities and response agencies, investigation procedures related to the incident, negotiation with regulators, insurers, owners.

 Litigation and arbitration on maritime matters

Youssry Saleh & Partners as one of the leading law firms in Egypt serving the maritime industry, frequently represents clients in disputes involving maritime transactions, as well as matters arising from shipping transactions.  Our maritime attorneys handle vessel arrests, seizures and foreclosures, including shipping disputes, as well as securities claims against shipping enterprises.

As advisors of creditors and debtors, Youssry Saleh Law Firm has been involved in the matters related to marine insurance coverage disputes, marine insurance claims, charter party disputes, cargo loss/damage, commercial disputes, trade claims, delay claims as well as disputes under Letters of Credit.

Marine-related contract disputes

Youssry Saleh & Partners’ marine dispute team represents owners, vessel builders, manufacturers and distributors in various matters including but not limited to breach of contract, negligence, sale of goods disputes. With vast experience in Egypt and the Middle East out experts provide strategic advice for the efficient resolution of the matter.

Maritime construction contracts

Youssry Saleh and Partners provides advice at all phases of conclusion of marine construction contracts, provides legal services on yacht transactions and vessel construction agreements. Our marine experts and attorneys represent yacht dealers and manufacturers starting from contracts to litigation.  

Vessel arrest

Youssry Saleh & Partners has extensive experience in vessel arrest, arrests of bunkers and other assets in the territorial waters of Egypt. Our specialized attorneys ensure constant attention to the matter from the point of instruction to arrest/attachment. A ship arrest is not simply a measure to secure the presence of the ship prior and during the enforcement of a judgment against the owner, but the arrest can be the fastest and most effective way to obtain payments of an outstanding claim against the vessel or the owner. Youssry Saleh & Partners’ lawyers not only execute arrest but also provide clients with the best strategy prior to the arrest.

Debt Collection in Shipping

Youssry Saleh & Partners represents creditors, debtors, and is specialized in collecting “shipping debts” for the clients such as claims for charter hire, unpaid bunker invoices, breach of contract outstanding amounts etc.


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