Investment in Egypt

10 Jun 2024

Egypt: Pre-closing Merger Control Regime

 The Prime Minister’s Decision No. 1120 of 2024 amending some provisions of the Executive Regulations of the Non- Competition Law and the Monopolistic Practices. Read more...

10 Jun 2024

VAT in Egypt for foreigners : A Comprehensive Guide

Intro Nowadays, Egypt runs multiple international projects with direct foreign investments. To fulfill these projects, foreign companies register branches in ARE under intergovernmental agreements, concession agreements, and other contracts with specific tax incentives. Most tax exemptions are applied to indirect taxes, such as VAT. In this case, a lot of companies pay VAT on incoming invoices and, therefore, show a credit VAT balance in their VAT tax returns. To successfully...

3 Apr 2024

Overview of Law governing Non-Governmental Organizations in Egypt

Egyptian government ratified the bylaws of the new law regarding NGOs after the Law No.70 of 2017 was heavily criticized for imposing hefty restrictions on the work on thousands of NGOs operating within Egypt. Read more...

18 Mar 2024

Egypt: New Import Regulations-A Legal Analysis of Law No. 173 of 2023

Facilitating foreign investment in Egypt by issuing a new import regulations: A Legal Analysis of Law No. 173 of 2023: In a significant move to bolster economic development and attract foreign investors, the Egyptian government has introduced Law No. 173 of 2023, amending certain provisions of Act No. 121 of 1982 concerning the Importers' Registry. This amendment marks a pivotal shift in the country's investment landscape, removing a major hurdle for foreign companies seeking to engage in...

7 Mar 2024

Safety Regulations and Criteria for Swimming Pools & Water parks in Egypt

Water parks and swimming pools are well-liked recreational facilities that offer a refreshing escape from Egypt's scorching temperatures, however, they also present potential safety risks, especially for young children and those who are not proficient swimmers. To safeguard the well-being of its citizens, Egypt has established a set of regulations guidelines, and criteria for the operation of swimming pools. Nonetheless, some facilities operating swimming pools do not follow those set of...

28 Feb 2024

FIDIC Contracts Arbitration

FIDIC is an international professional organization which stands for International Federation of Consulting Engineers. FIDIC develops and publishes standard forms of contracts for use in   the construction industry, which are commonly used in international construction projects and are known for their practicality. Read more...

12 Feb 2024

Advertising Agencies in Egypt: governing laws and restrictions

Advertising is a key aspect of any business, as the primary goal of any business is to increase its customer reach, increase sales, demand and gain a competitive advantage. Therefore, advertising plays a vital role in achieving these objectives both aspects involve identifying, predicting, and meeting customer needs. Read more...

31 Jan 2024

Egypt: Global Subsidiary Services and Management

Multinational enterprises (MNEs) operating across borders find themselves navigating a complex legal and regulatory landscape. Establishing and managing subsidiaries in diverse jurisdictions presents a multitude of challenges, from ensuring compliance with local laws to maximizing operational efficiency. This is where global subsidiary services come in, offering specialized support in navigating the labyrinthine world of international business. Read more...

18 Jan 2024

Competition Litigation in Egypt

The Egyptian government is attempting to enhance market security and the best worldwide commercial practices, as this will aim to attract national and foreign investors, and the political establishment realized that free-market competition is critical and is the key to this strategy. Read more...

10 Jan 2024

Establishing a Project in the Suez Canal Economic Zone (SCZone)

The Suez Canal Economic Zone (SCZone), a strategic economic hub in Egypt, offers a plethora of opportunities for businesses seeking to expand their operations and tap into the region's dynamic growth. To establish a project in the SCZone, investors can capitalize on a range of privileges and incentives while exploring diverse industries that align with the zone's strategic focus. Read more...

26 Dec 2023

Online medical consultations in Egypt

Telemedicine, the practice of healthcare delivery using telecommunications technology, has revolutionized the way medical services are provided, offering convenience and accessibility to patients worldwide. However, the legal implications of cross-border telemedicine remain complex, particularly in Egypt where telemedicine is still in its nascent stages.   Read more...

7 Dec 2023

Property Tax Payment in Egypt

Pursuant to the Egyptian Property Tax Law, the real estate tax is imposed on all constructed properties situated on Egyptian land, excluding those exempted from taxation. Read more...

29 Nov 2023

Egypt: Redemption of Shares

Redemption of shares, which is the repurchase of a company's own shares from its shareholders, is a complex legal procedure that is governed by specific provisions in the Egyptian Companies Law No. 159 of 1981 (the "Companies Law") and its Executive Regulation No. 96 of 1982. Understanding the intricacies of these provisions is crucial for companies considering redeeming their own shares, as it ensures compliance with applicable laws and safeguards the interests of shareholders and creditors. ...

22 Nov 2023

FRA Decree amendment on disclosure requirements exemption

According to the Capital Market Law No. 95 of the year 1992 any interested party may request access to the authority’s documents, and reports related to the company and to obtain certified data or copies thereof, in exchange for fifty pounds for each document or statement in the event of review, and one hundred pounds for each copy. Read more...

15 Nov 2023

Property Registration in Egypt

The registration of real estate is necessary from the outset in order to ensure the validity of the title to the property and to ensure its enforceability against third parties. Read more...

31 Oct 2023

Exception on registering foreign investors in importers’ record in Egypt

Amendment of Law No. 121 of the year 1982 concerning importers’ record Exception on registering foreign investors in importers’ record in Egypt: Breaking barriers, the Egyptian Government is always seeking to facilitate and improve foreign investment regulations to attract foreign investors and furnish facilitations to the already existing foreign investors. A new law has been issued that is set to mark a significant milestone for foreign investors. After years of anticipation, the doors...

10 Oct 2023

Egypt: New GAFI Decree simplifying Corporate Procedures

The General Authority for Investment and Free Zones aims at facilitating investment, and therefore the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Authority issued decree No. 270 of the year 2023. The text of the Decree included dispensing with some of the documents required to be submitted by companies during the filing procedures for the annual General meetings, Board of Directors meetings, Extraordinary Meetings … etc. Article No. (1) of the decree stipulates: “Reducing the number of...

21 Sep 2023

Sports Law in Egypt

The field of sports has evolved from an amateur activity that aims generally to improve physical health and entertain a limited target audience to a professional industry that attracts increasing capital investment and constitutes a source of living for millions of people on the national and international levels. Therefore, Egypt has issued the Egyptian Sports Law No.71 of the Year 2017. The main goal of Egyptian sports law is to provide work controls to ensure better athletic competition in...

27 Aug 2023

The Amendment of the Egyptian investment law

During its plenary session, the House of Representatives, led by Counselor Dr. Hanafi Jabali, accepted a draft law filed by the government to change some articles of the investment law established by Law No. 72 of 2017 by Law No. 160 of 2023. Read more...

9 Aug 2023

Egyptian Judiciary System and Litigation Proceedings

The Civil and Commercial Procedures Law is one of the primary laws upon which the Egyptian Judiciary System is based, as it is considered the general procedural legislation that applies to all lawsuits; however, the Egyptian legislator, as the rest of the trends pursued in the world states, tends to the concept of pluralism of procedural laws regulating proceedings inside the Egyptian courts of law, such as the Criminal Procedures Law, Personal Status Law, State Council Law, Economic Courts...

30 Jul 2023

Egypt: Public Private Partnership -Questionnaire

Does the country have a special act dealing with concessions or a broad statute including the legal framework for Public Private Partnership including concessions? Read more...

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