Bullying and Its Negative Impact On Egyptian Society

user Omaima Fawzy calender 25 Jun 2024 views 127 Views

In recent years, the issue of bullying has emerged as a growing concern in Egyptian society, with alarming increases in incidents reported across various sectors, including schools, universities, and the workplace. This alarming trend has necessitated a closer examination of the criminal nature of bullying and the legal measures in place to address this pervasive problem.

The Egyptian Penal Code has taken a proactive stance in defining and combating the crime of bullying. The Egyptian law No. 189 of 2020 Article No. (309) (bis\B) provides a comprehensive definition, stating that bullying encompasses “any statement or display of power or control by the perpetrator or exploitation of a weakness of the victim or a condition that the perpetrator believes is offensive to the victim, such as gender, race, religion, physical characteristics, health or mental condition, or social level, with the intention of intimidating the victim, subjecting them to ridicule, degrading them, or excluding them from their social environment.

The aforementioned Penal Code outlines specific penalties for those found guilty of committing acts of bullying. The punishment includes imprisonment for a period of not less than one year and a fine ranging from twenty thousand to one hundred thousand Egyptian pounds, or one of these two penalties. The severity of the punishment is further enhanced if the crime is committed in the workplace, on a means of transportation, by two or more persons, or if the offender is a descendant of the victim or those responsible for their upbringing or supervision.

Furthermore, the law stipulates that in cases of recidivism, the penalty shall be doubled at both the minimum and maximum levels. This stringent approach reflects the Egyptian legislator’s strong commitment to deterring and punishing those who engage in bullying behavior, underscoring the gravity of the offense and the urgency in addressing this societal challenge.

By addressing the multifaceted nature of bullying and incorporating specific legal provisions to combat it, the Egyptian Penal Code aims to protect society from the negative impact of this crime. The law’s emphasis on various aggravating circumstances, such as the location of the offense, the number of perpetrators, and the relationship between the offender and the victim, demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of the complex dynamics of bullying.

The legal framework established in Egypt to combat bullying represents a significant step forward in ensuring the well-being and security of all members of society. By imposing meaningful sanctions and addressing the root causes of this behavior, the law serves as a deterrent and a means of promoting a more inclusive and respectful social environment for all Egyptians. Through this proactive and comprehensive approach, the Egyptian government has signaled its commitment to addressing the issue of bullying and creating a safer, more equitable society for its citizens.