Tax Accounting

Tax environment in Egypt might seem complex not only for foreign companies operating in Egypt but Egyptians themselves

More demands have been recently placed on compliance and transparency, effectiveness and quality, and hence, qualified support in the tax related matters becomes an imperative.

To help you respond to these demands, Youssry Saleh and Partners provides the following:

  • Tax accounting: providing quarterly and annual tax provision calculations, validating tax balance sheet accounts and helping the client implement and comply with the accounting standards.
  • Tax function performance: experts at Youssry Saleh and Partners help clients improve operating strategy, organizational design, support with tax process and controls.
  • Tax risk: our experts help companies to identify and prioritize major risks and assist with controls, monitoring and mediation.

We provide both audit and non-audit services, however, the nature and scope of such services differ depending on the client and the operations of the company. However, the constant feature is the quality service throughout the entire tax life cycle (planning, compliance, tax authorities in Egypt).

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