Public Procurement and Competitive Tendering

Contracting and performing work and executing projects for the Egyptian government, public authorities

And utilities operators involves participation in tenders and are governed by public procurement and competitive tendering rules, procedures and processes. Therefore, proper knowledge of such rules and procedures and proper preparation for the tenders are essential success factors paving the way for the private companies towards the award of contracts by the Egyptian government.

Youssry Saleh Law Firm in Egypt guides and advises local and international companies on tendering rules and procedures, public procurement matters, entire process, helps clients to liaison with the governmental authorities, prepare documents for submission for the tender and/or bid, informs clients on the upcoming tender rounds.

Our specialized department comprising of experienced attorneys as well as experts from other fields, advises clients on:

  • Applicable rules and procedures, as well as potential issues
  • Suitable strategies for tendering
  • Preparation of clear, structured approach starting from initial phases leading to the final award and performance of the contract or concession agreement
  • Procurement/tendering disputes
  • Proper approach and dealing with the Egyptian authorities
  • Lost tenders and appeal procedures

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