Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO)

As businesses are moving towards outsourcing of its functions, one important function that can be outsourced and thus optimized is legal process.

Instead of hiring a legal department, it is more efficient and effective to give your work to the law firm, leverage its expertise and resources and receive the best possible outcome. By outsourcing contract review and drafting, legal consulting, compliance assistance, litigation, intellectual property support, labor law and tax related matters and so on, a company reduces its costs, operating risks, and enjoys and overall enhanced and faster service. In other words, entire law firm with its expertise and professionals becomes your company’s legal department for a lesser cost. A dedicated team at Youssry Saleh Law Firm, comprised of attorneys specialized in corporate/transactional law as well as management consultants, is equipped to handle your company’s legal matters in Egypt from A to Z.

  • Your Legal Work…Get support or outsource… We have the time and capacity to do the work for you.

    Why outsource

    Maximize efficiency
    Permanently reduce cost
    Enjoy overall enhanced and faster service provided by professionals
    Benefit from cross-disciplinary, multi-focal expertise
    Reduce operating risks
    Remove HR related hassles
    Access to a strong knowledge tank, expertise covering wide spectrum of industries and practice areas
    Receive full-service package covering all your legal needs in all areas

    What services are outsourced

    Contract/agreement drafting
    Document review and management
    Legal consulting in all fields
    Compliance assistance
    Litigation support
    Intellectual property support
    Labor law related issues and documentation
    Representation in front of judicial, administrative and governmental entities
    Handling finance and banking related matters
    Regulatory environment consultancy
    Secretarial services and filing

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