Intellectual property litigation

Highly qualified experts in the field deal with the wide spectrum of Intellectual property related matters in Egypt

Nowadays, for many companies and corporations, intellectual property has gained a significant emphasis and importance, which for some is a significant source of revenue whereas for others an area of considerable risk. In the IT and Software industry infringement and counterfeiting cases have become more prevalent, and therefore, companies have started realizing the increasing potential costs associated with protection of IPR. Companies around the world, and Egypt is no exception, need IP management strategies in order to ensure maximum possible protection. However, when the affairs rich the court and litigation is inevitable, Youssry Saleh & Partners supports its clients by providing the experience of its mature litigation team of lawyers.

Youssry Saleh & Partners takes quick and decisive actions to secure enforcement of IP rights and recovery of monetary damages and other compensation. Our attorneys offer vast experience in Egyptian court litigation in matters related to patent, trademark, copyright infringement, in addition to software-related disputes.  

Patent Litigation

Tailor litigation strategies for each client to meet business objectives. Youssry Saleh attorneys prosecute and defend patent litigation matters in all competent courts of Egypt.

Trademark Litigation

Our team of attorneys protect clients’ rights related to trademarks by conducting and representing clients in complex litigation involving licensing issues, trademark infringement, counterfeiting, trademark dilution, false advertising among others.

Copyright Litigation

Youssry Saleh & Partners attorneys commonly defend clients in various industries including media, technology and entertainment among others. Our attorneys represent clients in Egypt in complex cases including but not limited to cases related to liability of online service providers, copyright licensing, entertainers’ rights of publicity, distribution of literary work.

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