Intellectual Property Antitrust

Enables the law firm to advise its clients with high level of confidence on matters involving complex issues closely related to science and technology.

Youssry Saleh & Partners expert lawyers in Egypt, well-equipped with the know-how of technicalities of antitrust and intellectual property areas

In recent years, some of the cases involved interplay of intellectual property rights and competition law, with the key area of interaction between the two being the abuse of dominance. Investigations into companies strongly positioned on the market increasingly emphasize the potential anti competitive use of the intellectual property rights.

Youssry Saleh Law Firm holds an experience in supporting companies during assessment and evaluation of their position in the market and formulation of competitive commercial strategies. In addition, our antitrust lawyers support organizations which fell victims of abusive conduct by filing successful complaints against dominating companies.

With an extensive experience or training of our lawyers, the law firm has the ability to advise clients on competition laws, intellectual property, including IP litigation, licensing, research and development and intellectual property infringement issues. 

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