Insurance Capital Markets and Derivatives

The liquidity and systematic risk associated with transactions between insurers and banks has been bothering the investors and business stakeholders.

Therefore, it is of primary importance for reputable law firms in Egypt like Youssry Saleh & Partners and its attorneys to gather relevant information and acquire comprehension of the policies and guiding principles in order to present the most suitable solution to our clients. In the course of action after gaining expertise in the field our lawyers in Egypt have accomplished to build up transaction patterns with insurers and banks in addition to mediating the applicable legal solution with the concerned authorities.

Youssry Saleh Law Firm has brought together a panel of specialists qualified in the fields of insurance related topics, such as tax, banking regulatory, IP and pensions. Recognizing the cultural differences between insurers and investment banks in the nature of activities makes our law firm proficient in solving the occurring complications in risk management, commercial issues and regulations.

Counseling in insurance products customizations that facilitate omitting all possible risks is also part of our responsibilities as a result of multifaceted nature of clients’ transactions.  

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