Merger control

Youssry Saleh & Partners have a market leading experience of merger control in Egypt

Merger control is one of the most important elements of a major merger, therefore, it is essential to obtain a reliable legal advice with regards to the expected outcomes of the transaction

Timeline of the merger clearance procedures which commonly involves intricate and time-consuming processes. Moreover, to ensure proper implementation of a merger transaction it is important to make sure that it would not be prohibited or restricted, and in some instances certain remedies are required in order to obtain relevant clearances. Therefore, proper preparation including legal advice are important factors which affect the outcome of the entire transaction. Youssry Saleh Law Firm in Egypt  assists clients to effectively and efficiently prepare for the complex merger control proceedings.

Relying on the expertise and experience of our merger control attorneys in Egypt and specialists in various fields we develop proper strategies for our clients to successfully obtain clearance of mergers and joint ventures. Youssry Saleh & Partners advise on and assist in:
• probability of opposition from relevant authorities
• Preparation of necessary submissions and documents
• Negotiation of settlements
• Explanation of procedures, rules, timelines, documents and requirements
• Representation before courts

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