Franchise and Distribution

Youssry Saleh & Partners Team of attorneys and experts with extensive experience in dealing with all aspects of vertical distribution in Egypt

Youssry Saleh Law Firm in Egypt has helped clients establish their franchise and distribution operations in Egypt. Attorneys at Youssry Saleh Law Firm in Egypt hold vast experience in transactional law, intellectual property law, litigation, and possess relevant deep knowledge in relation to franchise and distribution matters. Our franchise lawyers in Egypt have a strong understanding of legal and business facets of franchising and distribution and, therefore, are capable of supporting clients throughout the process establishing long-term strong relationships characterized by trust, reliability and responsiveness. Our Law Firm in Egypt represents franchisers and franchisees, manufacturers and distributors, ranging in size and scope of operations, industry, and nationality.

Legal Services

 Youssry Saleh Law Firm franchise attorneys offer practical advises related to franchise and distribution leveraging knowledge and experience in areas of law related to franchising and distribution such as trade regulation, finance and tax, corporate and securities, labor, environmental, technology and intellectual property, real estate.

Youssry Saleh franchise   attorneys provide clients with necessary information and updates on recent laws and regulations of Egypt related to their business operations. In case a client faces difficulties and issues, our attorneys represent clients in litigation, arbitration and mediation.


Youssry Saleh Law Firm in Egypt assists its clients in all aspects of the commencing and ongoing operation of a franchise or distribution structure. Every operation is unique, and therefore, we tailor ‘best fit’ solutions based on the short-term and long-term business objectives of the client.

The core services provided:

  • Preparing franchise disclosure documents
  • Drafting franchise and distribution agreements and collateral documents
  • Advising on franchise fees, royalties and advertising funds
  • Advising on compliance with advertising restrictions
  • Advising on branding, trademark clearance, and intellectual property protection
  • Advising on exclusivity
  • Advising on termination of agreements, transfers, re-structuring
  • Providing advice on compliance with statutory provisions of Egypt
  • Restructuring
  • Negotiating and re-drafting related agreements
  • Conducting due diligence for buyers/sellers of a franchise or distribution systems
  • And in cases, when franchising is not the best possible option for the client, our attorneys help the client establish a proper business format and structure his business in the efficient and effective manner to enable the client achieve his business goals.


Youssry Saleh Law Firm in Egypt offers our clients expertise and experience of our mature litigators experienced in representing clients’ interests in the matters of franchise and distribution. our lawyers represent franchisers and franchisees in a wide array of litigation matters before all levels of courts in Egypt as well as in arbitration proceedings and alternative dispute resolution. We advise clients on matters prior to litigation on strategic issues before the commencement of litigation process.

Our attorneys provide legal advice and support on the following matters:

  • Breach of contract
  • Fraud
  • Trademark and copyright infringement
  • Termination-related claims
  • Transfer issues
  • Disclosure violations
  • Liability
  • Consumer fraud


Our specialized contract attorneys in Egypt draft necessary documents including franchise disclosure document, franchise agreement, distribution and external sales representative agreement, independent contractor agreement, employment agreements. Youssry Saleh & Partners lawyers prepare all necessary documentation such as non-disclosure agreements, non-competition agreement, confidentiality agreement, lease/sublease, construction agreements, technology transfer agreements, software and trademark licenses.


Our attorneys liaison with the competent governmental authorities and regulatory agencies of Egypt in order to obtain necessary registrations and complete all necessary legal procedures, ensure compliance with statutory requirements and facilitate the business operations of the client. Throughout the process, the client is kept updated on the process and requirements, as well as properly informed on the all phases of the process.

Support-Legal Process Outsourcing

 Youssry Saleh law firm in Egypt continues to provide the client with complete support and guidance in relation to all issues and matters which arise or might arise in the franchise and distribution context. We help clients follow all the regulatory developments, updates, as well as assist in review of franchise and distribution documents, and solve problems if such arise. The client of Youssry Saleh and Partners receives complete and continuous legal support, and, hence, relieves the client from the need to hire an in-house legal counsel and department.

International Franchising and Distribution

Youssry Saleh & Partners attorneys in Egypt  helps clients to expand not only in Egypt but assists clients seeking to expand abroad, as well as foreign clients seeking to enter Egyptian market. Our attorneys help clients to structure, negotiate and assist with documentation such as master franchise agreement, area development relationships, joint ventures and other relationships related to distribution.

Franchise and Distribution Mergers & Acquisitions

Youssry Saleh Law Firm in Egypt follows a multi-disciplinary approach by bringing lawyers specialized in franchising and mergers and acquisitions to work together in matters related to the purchase or sale of the franchisor or manufacturer. Our lawyers understand the complexities associated with the relationship between a franchisor and manufacturer with their franchisees or distributors, which are critical factors in the business. Lawyers at Youssry Saleh & Partners are well-suited to represent both buyers and sellers of franchise, distribution and manufacturing companies.

Antitrust and Trade Regulation

Antitrust and trade law often affect franchise and distribution relationships. Antitrust lawyers of Youssry Saleh Law Firm in Egypt counsel clients on antitrust facets of distribution arrangements, and litigating those matters shall the need arise.

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