Debt Collection

At Youssry Saleh Law Firm in Egypt, we know very well that business and law are connected together and the most important factors in this relation related to debt collection

Debt Collection in Egypt is a common problem faced by clients and is definitely an important factor in business as it can significantly impact cash flow. Recovering debts can be a very costly and time consuming process especially when debts are located across borders.

Therefore, it is efficient to rely on professionals to arrange the business debt recovery in a reasonable time and for a good fee. Youssry Saleh law firm in Egypt understands how important it is for the client to collect the outstanding amounts, get their invoices paid in a shortest time period. Youssry Saleh Law Firm has dedicated and specialized debt Collection attorneys in Egypt who follow efficient processes and possess strong negotiation skills.


Letter Before Action or Late Payment Demand

Negotiation (Remote or in person)

Court Action/Arbitration

Judgment Enforcement

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