The Decision of manpower

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Al Waqae’a Al-Masreya – No. 85 on 13th April 2014 Ministry of Manpower and Immigration Ministerial Decision No. 120 for 2014 Minister of Manpower and Immigration

Upon review of the Labor Law promulgated by the Law No. 12 for 2003 and its Executive Regulations and their amendments; and

On the Ministerial Decision No. 135 for 2003 regarding issuing the regulating rules for practicing the activity of provisions of Egyptian manpower inland and abroad, and its amendments; and

On the recommendations issued by the Decision Committee to view the licenses of manpower resourcing companies in its session No. (82) on 23/3/2014; and

On the memorandum submitted by the Egyptian manpower off-shore resourcing companies’ Division on 25/3/2014; and

On the presentation made by the Chief of the central department of foreign affairs; and

For the benefit of work;


First Article – non-acceptance of any new application to obtain license to practice the activity of outsourcing Egyptian manpower abroad for a period of one year until finalizing evaluation of the present companies by the ministry.

Second Article – non-approval on relocating the quarters of companies during the suspension period to Cairo and Giza governorate and to allow relocation to the remaining governorates.

Third Article – cancellation of any provision that contradicts with the provisions of this decision.

Fourth Article – this decision shall be published in Al Waqae’a Al-Masreya, and shall be applicable on the date of its publication.


Minister of Manpower and Immigration

Dr. Nahed Hassan Ashry