Egyptian petroleum agreements

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During March 2014; the government of  the Arab  Republic of Egypt and the Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum have entered  recently into several concession agreements regarding petroleum exploration and exploitation  with several foreign petroleum companies, such as:

 East Legia Area of the Sinai Peninsula :

Vegas Oil and Gas S.A.

Southeast and Southwest Gharib Onshore Area of the Eastern Desert and in South Ghazalat Area of the Western Desert and Northwest Gharib Onshore of the Area Eastern Desert:

Trans Globe Energy Corporation. 

East Ras Badran Offshore Area of the Gulf of Suez:

R.W.E. Dea Nile GmbH

Dove Energy INC.

 Wadi Dib Area and East Wadi Dib Area of the Eastern Desert  

between Ganoub Al-Wadi Holding Petroleum Company and GDF Suez Exploration Egypt B.V

 Northeast Obayed Area of the Western Desert and in North Alam El Shawish Area of the Western Desert  and North Matruh Western Desert:

Shell Egypt N.V.

 Northwest Abu Zenima Area of the Gulf of Suez:

Apache Khalda Corporation LDC.

 El Qa’a Plain Area of the Sinai Peninsula:

Dana Petroleum (E&P) Limited.

Petroceltic International PLC.

Beach Petroleum (EGYPT) PTY Limited.

 South Ramadan Offshore Area of the Gulf of Suez:

Pico International Petroleum Services Panama S.A.

The General Petroleum Company.

Greystone Petroleum (Egypt) Limited.

Petzed Investment and Project Management Limited.