Decision pertinent to Standards and Quality

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Decisions of the Board of Directors of:The Egyptian General Authority for Standards and Quality Issued by the Board number 310  New – modified – cancelled – updated – adopted – corrected Regarding endorsement of Egyptian standards

Upon review of the decision of the Cabinet No. 1299 for 2013 with the reformation of the board of directors of The Egyptian General Authority for Standards and Quality; and

Based on what has been approved during the board meeting number 310 on 29/12/2013; and

Its endorsement by the Minister of Trade and Industry;

Decided :

First Article – endorse (13) nutrition standards

Second Article – correct mistake of (1) nutrition standard

Third Article – adopt (2) nutrition standards

Fourth Article – update (5) nutrition standards

Fifth Article – cancel (7) adopted nutrition standards

Sixth Article – cancel (7) guiding nutrition standards

Seventh Article – endorse (14) engineering standards

Eighth Article – cancel (10) adopted engineering standards

Ninth Article – cancel (10) adopted engineering standards

Tenth Article – endorse (18) chemical standards

Eleventh Article – cancel (15) adopted chemical standards

Twelfth Article – cancel (4) chemical standards

Thirteenth Article – update (7) chemical standards

Fourteenth Article – endorse (17) weaving and spinning standards

Fifteenth Article – cancel (12) adopted weaving and spinning standards

Sixteenth Article – update (32) weaving and spinning standards

Seventeenth Article – correct a mistake in (1) weaving and spinning standard

Eighteenth Article – endorse (24) calibration standards

Nineteenth Article – adopt (8) calibration standards

Twentieth Article – cancel (32) calibration standards (adopted)

Twenty First Article – endorse (3) documentation standards

Twenty Second Article – endorse (3) documentation standards

Twenty Third Article – the administrative decision 34 for 2013 pertinent to modifications on Egyptian standards previously issued shall be considered complimentary to this decision

Twenty Fourth Article – this decision shall be published in Al Waqae’a Al Misreya to informed the concerned parties with the standards that have been issued or those entirely or partially modified.


Dr. Eng. Hassan Ahmed Abdel Mageed