Decision on Taxation of Erected Estates

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Al-Waqa’ea Al-Misria – No. 75 (Cont.) on 1st of April 2014 :Ministry of Finance  With the delegation of some competencies  Minister of Finance Decision No. 129 for 2014 .Upon review of the Law of Taxation of the Erected Estates promulgated by the decision of the Minister of Finance No. 493 for the year 2009 and its amendments; and what is demanded by the interest of work;


( First Article )

The Chief of the Real Estate Taxation Authority of the Ministry of Finance shall be delegated to form committees for collection and estimation of the rental value of the erected estates, stipulated thereupon by Article (13) of the aforementioned Law of Taxation of the Erected Estates.

( Article Two )

This decision shall be published in Al-Waqa’ea Al-Misria, and shall be applicable on the next day of its publication.

Issued on 1/4/2014

Minister of Finance

Hany Qadry Demian