Authentication and Document Legalization in Egypt

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Many Egyptians living and working abroad are facing challenges regarding authentication and documents’ legalization in Egypt. The challenges that mainly face Egyptians are the process of authentication and legalization of their documents in the Egyptian Authority and embassies in Egypt.

Our law firm has assisted many Egyptians in their authenticating and legalizing of their documents in the Egyptian Authorities and embassies in Egypt. Therefore, this article will discuss the main points regarding document legalization and authentication in Egypt.

What are the documents that are authenticated or legalized in Egypt?

  1. Birth certificate
  2. Marriage contract
  3. Diploma and university Degrees
  4. Police clearance Certificate
  5. Contracts
  6. Company incorporation documents

How our law Firm assists you in authentication and legalization of documents in Egypt?

We understand that timing and delivering of documents is considered one of the main needs for the client either individual or a company. Therefore, our immigration experts at Youssry Saleh Law Firm follow the international immigration firms’ standards in authentication and legalization of documents services.

ِِِِA) Review

Reviewing the documents such as birth certificate, marriage contract, diploma and university Degrees, police clearance certificate and other documents. During this stage we check the official stamps and signatures also we check the format of the documents in order to inform the client with the expected time for authentication or what the missing data and this happens by email. The client sends the documents and our team of attorneys checks and reviews the documents and then sends a full report to the client regarding the status of the documents sent, needs and issues, and expected timeline of completion.

B) Sending documents

The next step after reviewing is we request the client to send the original documents to us in order to start the process of authentications and document legalization with different authorities in Egypt and at each step we inform the client with the progress.

C) Authorities

Mainly there are many authorities involved in the process of authentication and document legalization in Egypt and mainly they are:

  • Civil Authority:

The Civil Authority’s stamps and signatures are a must for birth certificates and  marriage contracts 

  • Ministry of Higher Education/Public universities

Clients who request for authentications and document legalization for diploma or university degree the Ministry of Education or public universities stamps and signatures are a must in order to continue the process of legalization in Egypt.

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA):

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ stamps on all documents and certificates is a must and this is considered the final step before sending the documents to the concerned embassy in Egypt.

Notice: According to the embassies’ policies in Egypt documents before sending them to the concerned embassy must be translated into the country language and only few embassies accept the documents without translation such as Arab countries embassies.

  • Embassies:

After the documents finish the cycle of governmental stamps and signatures our attorneys send the documents to the relevant embassy for legalization. In Egypt each embassy has its own time limit. Therefore, our immigration department checks with each embassy the time of delivery of documents and then informs the client with the expected date of receiving his documents.

At Youssry Saleh Law Firm once we receive the documents that need to be authenticated and legalized in Egypt we take the full responsibility in delivering the documents and making the client online with us after each step as we understand that quality of service and time are very important to the client either individual or corporate.