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Real Estate

The field of real estate in Egypt has been going through a dynamic scene transformation as a result of investors’ shift and fresh approach. Real estate development has altered the horizon and scenery in all parts of the world.

Highly qualified attorneys at Youssry Saleh Law Firm specialize in providing valuable guidance for their clients to operate in the field of real estate. In depth study of the market is being conducted in order to assist the developers, owners, investors and lenders to make a decision most suitable to their current stage of operation. Moreover, Youssry Saleh law firm in Egypt takes up the responsibility to handle the transactions, disputes, legal matters to help the clients go through with set strategies and accomplish their mission and vision.

Furthermore, our customers make use of the firm’s expertise in hospitality and leisure, data centers, retail, private equity and commercial investment across all types of domestic and cross-border transactions, financings, operations and disputes, such as corporate acquisition of a property holding company, real estate financing and investments. Hotel business management is another subject that gets our full attention and consideration.

The legal representatives at Youssry Saleh Law Firm possess full understanding about the fact that the field of real estate is one of the fastest paced and volatile in its expansion process and seriously undertake the task of gathering the information and understating the legal issues related to the matters of construction, financing, operation, leasing and use of assets.


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