Sandra Asaad

Sandra Asaad

Head of Immigration Department

Sandra A. Saad is an accomplished professional with expertise in immigration law and client management. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the Faculty of Commerce at Ain Shams University, where she gained a strong foundation in financial management and business principles.

With a remarkable 15 years of professional experience, Sandra has worked across various industries, including tourism, pharmaceuticals, automotive, trading, and law. This diverse exposure has enabled her to adapt to different organizational structures and industries, honing her ability to navigate complex business environments effectively.

Sandra is currently serving as the Head of the Immigration department at Youssry Saleh & Partners Law Firm. In her role, Sandra manages immigration cases with confidence and acts as a business partner for clients. She is responsible for overseeing the onboarding of new clients, developing protocols, and ensuring a smooth transition.

Sandra’s proficiency in multiple languages, including Arabic, English, and French, enables her to effectively communicate with clients and understand their immigration requirements. Her ability to manage complex cases, along with her multilingual proficiency and extensive certifications, make her a trusted expert in the field of immigration.

Sandra is currently pursuing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) at ESLSCA Business School, with an expected completion date in December 2024.

Overall, Sandra A. Saad has established herself as a valuable asset in the immigration industry. Her expertise in immigration law, client management, and her commitment to continuous learning through pursuing an MBA, position her as a trusted professional in her field.