В настоящее время киберпреступность стала широкораспространенным термином; вместе с развитием сети Интернет и технологий, ростом электронной торговли, киберпреступность является действительно серьезной проблемой, с которой сталкиваются как физические лица, так и организации.

Nowadays, cybercrime has become a widely used term; Along with the development of the Internet and technology, the growth of electronic commerce, cybercrime is a really serious problem faced by both individuals and organizations. More and more, our law firm is receiving questions and complaints related to cyberspace and electronic crime. Youssri Saleh & Partners is the first law firm in Egypt to have selected a team of experienced lawyers and technical experts to deal with cybercrime cases, advising clients on issues related to fraud, scam, privacy and threats.



-Litigation and dispute resolution

-Reporting and analysis

-Privacy and defamation

-Fraud and financial crimes

-Intellectual property

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