Atta Eid, M.A.


Mr. Atta is an affiliated consultant in finance and banking sector with Youssry Saleh Law Firm in Egypt , in addition, since 2004 he has been serving as a consultant with Honest Consultant, Center for Studies and Financial and Banking Consulting. His core competence lies in financial management, investment and financial consulting. Mr. Atta is specialized in selection and nomination of a bank or financial institution for funding, preparation of integrated credit files, feasibility studies, due diligence, negotiation of terms of funding and guarantees, audit of feasibility studies prior to funding, loan contracts and facilities, studies of the status of clients’ debts, disputes related to financing and banking sectors, underwriting.

Mr. Atta is the one who would typically serve our customers who experience credit related issues with the bank, bank customers who have disputes on the assets of their debts, entities involved in disputes of a banking nature, customers who are interested in obtaining bank financing, lawyers and judicial authorities interested in technical reports on the assets of clients’ debts of banks and lending institutions, customers experiencing difficulties with letters of credit and letters of guarantee among others. Throughout his career, Mr. Atta has served and consulted numerous financial institutions, esteemed banks, top executives of large corporations in various fields and industries in Egypt as well as the Middle East.