Amr El Dash, Ph.D

Insurance Consultant

Dr. Amr El Dish is an insurance consultant expert with 30 years of experience in the field in Egypt. He is a registered insurance expert in the Insurance Experts Consultants of the Egyptian Insurance Supervisory Authority (No. 145) specialized in management and risk assessment, participation in the evaluation of assets and commitments of insurance entities, evaluation of the rights and commitments of the insurer and the insured as basis for arbitration in private disputes. Dr. Amr El Dash is also registered in the Inspection Experts Loss Adjusting and Risk Surveys in the Egyptian Authority of Insurance Supervisory (No. 1248) specialized in damage detection, assessment, study of the causes and extent of coverage for such damages. Throughout his career, Dr. Amr El Dash has served companies in Egypt and the Middle East in multitude of fields among which are FMCG, tourism, packaging, finance, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, healthcare, chemicals, paper and cellulose production.

Mr. Amr El Dash earned B.A. degree in Commerce, Accounting division from the Ain Shams University, B.A. in Commerce, Insurance Division, University of Assiut, M.A. in Insurance from Cairo University and Ph.D. in the philosophy of insurance from Cairo University.